A Question. Which Diet are you following?

So, it seems that nearly everyone is following their own brand of diet these days?

Perhaps you have chosen a diet regimen to follow.  Let’s see.  Perhaps “The Paleo,” “The Mediterranean,” “The HCG,” or one of “The Blood Group Diets.”  And so the list goes on.  “Vegan,” ‘Vegetarian,” “Carb Free.”

You have chosen your style of diet and you feel great as a result.  And how did you make the choice. Was it based on

  • Lifestyle
  • Your Physiology
  • Your food likes
  • A celebrity or a friends enthusiasm for the diet
  • Dr Google or Mr Internet
  • A condition you may have

There is so much good information on the internet these days.   You most likely researched the diet.  How easy it is to follow, the nutrition and what it is supposed to do for you.

One of the best things about choosing a diet today is that you can easily find recipe apps which make following the diet really easy.

So why you may wonder would you still consider seeing someone qualified in Nutrition.


Dietary advice can enhance all the benefits of your chosen diet.  Within your chosen diet you still need to  obtain all your nutrients and a qualified nutritionist knows all the individual nutrients found in foods, how to best store and cook them for maximum benefit.

Some foods and their styles of preparation are not good for particular conditions, even despite being exceptionally great choices for 90% of the population.

A case or two in point are:

  • Brassicas for Hypothyroid conditions.
  • Types of fats to eat for Cardiovascular conditions
  • How to store nuts

If you would like some further information or to check out how your diet can be tweaked to enhance your health contact our reception today and make an appointment with one of our Naturopaths who are fully qualified in Nutrition and Nutritional Medicine.

What would you do if you had or were with someone with severe Chest Pain?

Simple isn’t it. You go to hospital to make sure it is not a heart attack. It could be lots of other things, but a heart attack needs to be ruled out. Then other possible causes can be checked for.

However, if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia (often both occur together), you may actually be having an attack of Costochrondritis. This occurs when the cartilages which join the chest rib bones to the sternum have inflammation. Sometimes, there is discernable swelling, and sometimes not.

If alerted, a doctor will be able to distinguish costochondritis from a heart attack by doing a physical examination of the costal cartilages. This helps because, now the doctor may still choose to rule out a heart attack, but will be able to reassure the patient on the nature of the of the pain.

How your Naturopath can help.
Our Naturopaths work with practitioner strength natural herbs and nutritional supplements and lifestyle treatments to help with a costochrondritis attack of pain, and can work with you to help ease the condition of CFS and Fibromyalgia.