Iridology Reading


Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye and how it relates to the rest of the body. Iridologists believe that the iris of the eye holds clues as to the health status of each and every major organ and system within the human body.

How does the iris do this.  It just so happens that eleven of the brain’s main nerves, (called cranial nerves), pass through the 12th cranial nerve called the Optic nerve.   These 11 nerves send impulses to the brain from the rest of body in the daily running of the body.  These nerve impulses also send a signal back through the Optic nerve.  They leave different types of marks and signs in the iris which a trained iridologist can read.   The type of mark left and its colour gives many clues to processes going well or not in the body.

By studying the iris, its colour and structure, we can gain a clearer picture of a persons constitution. While the eye won’t show us a specific illness, it will point to the area which is of greatest concern.
For example, it can tell us about blood/sugar composition, digestion, toxicity, and organ imbalance.

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