Naturopathic Health Testing

How you and your body feel is the best indicator of your health but sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what it is that’s making you feel less than your best.

If you visit your local GP he or she will usually send you off for the routine blood tests, after checking your blood pressure and temperature. The blood tests report on things like your cholesterol levels, the amount if iron and B group vitamins in your blood and your blood sugar count. I feel the best healthcare for the patient involves combining natural therapies with medical treatment when required.

So if you have been feeling off colour for a long time now, it could be time to look a bit deeper and to extend the range of tests that have been done up to now.

There are many naturopathic functional pathology tests which reveal important information revealing important biological pathways which can be drivers to human health conditions.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Many health conditions are aggravated today by toxic metal excesses and mineral imbalances.  There is so much environmental exposure to pollutants which allow our bodies accumulate in metal minerals intoxic amounts, while in other instances our bodies may use up reserves of some needed minerals causing a deficiency.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can help identify where toxic excesses and imbalances are occurring, allowing the correct type of removal or replenishment to be made.

Cost: Basic test: Approximately $110.00 to $120.00
Add Antimony: $40.00 extra
Antimony is usually tested where high levels of lead are expected due to known work environment exposure.

Some Toxic metals include: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Antimony.

Imbalanced minerals may include: Copper, Zinc, Calcium,and Magnesium.

Leaky gut testing

Also known as the Intestinal Permeability test, this is a non-invasive test which assesses the quality of your intestinal tract. Over time the intestinal tube can become patchy or develop small holes which then release bits of food that become toxic. Some symptoms of leaky gut include unexplained fatigue and excessive tiredness.

Food intolerance testing

Intolerance to certain foods or ingredients can cause low grade reactions in the body. Over time the reaction builds into systemic inflammation throughout the body. You could experience join inflammation, hormonal issues, arthritis, ADHD and autism in children, eczema, and fibromyalgia.

Functional Liver Detoxification Profile (FLDP)

The liver is a hard working organ, helping to remove unwanted chemicals from the body. The more quickly the body can clear the chemicals and toxins, the better its ability to remain healthy. The Liver Detoxification profile is a test which assesses the liver’s ability to detox the body. It tests different phases of liver absorption using samples of your saliva and urine. Symptoms of an over burdened liver include tiredness, cardiovascular issues, high cholesterol, mood swings nausea and even tired eyes.

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